Friday, October 7, 2011

Otto’s Trail-Colorado Nat. Monument

Otto’s Trail is a 1 mile round trip to an overlook of Monument Canyon in Colorado National Monument in western Colorado. John Otto moved into this area in 1906 and it was his campaign that led to the formation of Colorado National Monument in 1911.

John Otto was the first caretaker of the Colorado National Monument and worked hard building trails to make the area accessible. Otto’s Trail begins at 5800 feet elevation and descends gradually through Pinon Pine and Juniper forest.

The view directly ahead at the overlook is toward the formations called the Pipe Organ and the Praying Hands.

To the right is a view of the Independence Monument. Back on the Rim Rock Road there are more views at Independence Monument Viewpoint.

The interpretive sign explains the ways that erosion can vary, causing these formations. John Otto made the first recorded climb to the top of Independence Monument.

The Grand View Viewpoint also has good views of all these formations. The Monument Canyon Trail at the Coke Ovens Trailhead provides access to the area around the base of Independence Monument.

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