Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Neck Springs Trail

The Neck Springs Trail in Canyonlands Island in the Sky is a 5.8 mile loop that tours the canyon alcoves just below the "Neck" and visits the seep springs that flow from the sandstone walls. The trail head is just a short distance south of the visitor center at the overlook for Shafer Canyon.

The "Neck" is a 40 foot wide strip that provides the only access to the 43 square mile "Island in the Sky." The trail descends down into the canyon below the road that crosses the Neck.

There are remnants from the old days when ranchers used the springs as a water supply. The trail follows the old rancher trails and those used by wildlife to get to the springs.

There are two main alcoves under the Neck that have some spring water seeping out. The vegetation near the spring is a little more lush than in the desert terrain of the rest of the canyon.

Further on, after several dry alcoves, there is another spring called Cabin Spring. The water flow for all these is just a modest seep.

The trail climbs back out of the canyon and crosses a grassy pasture area, recrosses the road and gives some views both to the west canyon where the hike was and to the east across Shafer Canyon to Dead Horse Point. The Dead Horse Point is part of a Utah State Park and provides spectacular views of the Colorado River.

It took me 3:00 hours to walk the trail. It was about 70 degrees and was a windy spring day.

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